8 September 2014

Cafe Culture

It's no secret that I love a good cafe. Somewhere that knows how to do a good brunch - smashed avocado and eggs, or bacon & pancakes, the smell of coffee wafting by as you relax in the sunshine, banishing your hangover from memory.. 

Lately I've stumbled across so many great looking places, it's hard to keep track of them to remember to go back and try them out! The latest two have been Timberyard and Trade-Made, both in east London - and both excellent. Definitely worth checking out! 

4 September 2014

Rebel Rebel

Less than two days until the weekend! Thursday, let's do this! :)

Costes 'Rebel' tee

3 September 2014

London Living: Contrast

I love the stark contrast between London neighbourhoods Shoreditch (aka hipster-ville) and The City, London's financial district. The often decrepit bricks & mortar vs shiny new glass & steel - a tension that is almost poetic.

2 September 2014


Burgundy is my new favourite colour. Preparing to be obsessed this fall... :) 

Shirt from Zara

1 September 2014


Edinburgh is such a pretty place - so green and lush, and with spectacular views from Calton Hill.

With its hidden narrow passages, cobbled alleys, and huge castle overlooking the city, it feels just like a magical, medieval movie set come to life :)