19 August 2014

The Greek Diaries - Part 1

I'm having a serious case of post-holiday blues, having just spent an amazing few days in Greece. Not that I'm complaining! 

Greece has always been a dream holiday for me - something my friends and I talked about when we were in highschool, that 'one day' we would travel there together to swim in the warm Mediterranean waters, eat ridiculous amounts of cheese and olives, and watch endless, perfect sunsets...  and I feel so lucky to have finally been able to have the chance to enjoy that holiday this year.

Loads of photos to share, but first up - Athens. The homeland of an incredible ancient civilization, and birthplace of so many things the world now takes for granted - science and philosophy, theatre, democracy, the modern Olympics, and many a remarkable legend! 

Athens is HUGE. From the Parthenon the view of the city is remarkable, as it spreads out around for miles in all directions. Graffiti, crowded markets, and bustling streets - and the food, oh the food. It was much too short a visit - I need to be back there again soon!