25 August 2014

The Greek Diaries - Part 3

Third photo diary series from Greece - this time, from the beautiful island of Mykonos. 

The place turns into a heaving, raging nightclub in the evening, but during the day it's a blissfully sunny, pretty place ripe for exploring! 

We hired a car to make sure we could drive around and see as much as possible - but it's not for the faint-hearted. Negotiating the narrow, steep, and often gravelly roads of the island while keeping up with the pace of the locals was an adventure in itself! 

The main 'centre' of the island is full of cute boutiques and restaurants, with loads of lovely bars dotted along the coast so you can watch the sunset. The beaches around the island are all so pretty, with crystal clear warm waters and plenty of bars or cafes to wile away the sunshine hours... And did I mention how great the food in Greece is!? I mean, I've never known tomatoes or cheese to taste so good! Hope you enjoy the pictures... :)