29 August 2014

The Food Files: National Burger Day

Wednesday was National Burger Day - and what a day it was. For those (like me) who go ga-ga for a delectable burger, Burger Fest is the best day ever. Held at a pop-up in the Battersea Power Station - an amazing venue - it was a beautiful night of trying delicious burgers from some of London's top burger joints, enjoying good music, and a cheeky pint or two of some stellar lagar. A great way to spend hump day! 

Here are some photos taken using my iPhone's new fish-eye lens (a tad obsessed... :P ) - and you can watch the video from last year featuring a (cringy) appearance from yours truly, here.  If you're in London and haven't been yet, make sure to keep an eye out for tickets next time around - they sell out fast!

28 August 2014

The Fringe

Last weekend I shot up to Edinburgh to catch the end of the incredible Fringe Festival, and to make the most of the UK's last bank holiday weekend for the year. 

For any theatre/music/comedy/cabaret lovers, the Fringe is such a must do - there are hundreds of shows on every day and the city is completely abuzz with endless activity and energy! From the street performers and free gigs on temporary stages propped up around every corner, to the huge, grand theaters and music halls dotted around the city, there's so much to choose from it's almost impossible to work out where to spend your time!

I was so impressed by the performances I saw, it's made me greedy for more already! Looking to book more shows in London soon... :)

27 August 2014

London lately

Some snapshots of London from the last week - Brick Lane, flower markets, Battersea Power Station's pop-up cinema... It feels like summer is drawing to a close, which makes me all the more determined to be outside and do as much as possible while I can!

26 August 2014

The Greek Diaries - Part 4

With the rain in London now bucketing down, all that Greek sunshine seems like another lifetime away already... 

Here are the last photos from Greece - this time, from the beautiful island of Santorini. Famed for it's stunning sunsets and resorts built into the side of cliff faces, it definitely lives up to its reputation for being seriously romantic. 

We stayed in Fira, which has a gorgeous little centre full of restaurants with amazing views, tiny boutiques and donkeys meandering around. We hired a car again to see as much as possible, stopping for the occasional dip in the sea, or at roadside markets to buy freshly sun-dried tomatoes, goat's cheese, and homemade olive oil. YUM.

Greece, you were amazing and I hope to be back soon! 

25 August 2014

The Greek Diaries - Part 3

Third photo diary series from Greece - this time, from the beautiful island of Mykonos. 

The place turns into a heaving, raging nightclub in the evening, but during the day it's a blissfully sunny, pretty place ripe for exploring! 

We hired a car to make sure we could drive around and see as much as possible - but it's not for the faint-hearted. Negotiating the narrow, steep, and often gravelly roads of the island while keeping up with the pace of the locals was an adventure in itself! 

The main 'centre' of the island is full of cute boutiques and restaurants, with loads of lovely bars dotted along the coast so you can watch the sunset. The beaches around the island are all so pretty, with crystal clear warm waters and plenty of bars or cafes to wile away the sunshine hours... And did I mention how great the food in Greece is!? I mean, I've never known tomatoes or cheese to taste so good! Hope you enjoy the pictures... :)

20 August 2014

The Greek Diaries - Part 2

After exploring Athens, we had an amazing week with MedSailors sailing around the crystal clear waters and visiting a new, beautiful island every day. 

A week out on the water living the boat life was complete bliss - waking up to the gentle sound of water lapping against the boat, bobbing slowly along to our next destination, diving off into the ocean to cool off, and lying on the deck staring up at a vast night sky full of stars every evening. It was all over much too soon!