30 June 2014

London life

Summer time and the living is easy... A few more snapshots of my neighbourhood. Yep, I'm an east London girl :)


All about the outdoor living right now. As soon as we've had roughly 20C for at least three days in a row, the long evenings mean all rooftops or outdoor spaces are completely packed out. Loving the summer vibes! 

29 June 2014


Found in a tiny boutique in Shoreditch's Boxpark, this dress from local label Another8 is my new go-to - the perfect shift-like silhouette for these warm summer days... 

Another8 dress

28 June 2014


Who knew you could personalize Converse?? I didn't... but this was probably one of the best birthday presents ever! I guest that's why best friends are the best :P 

27 June 2014

Home sweet home

A few snaps of my neighbourhood in Auckland. As much as I love living in London and traveling all around the world, it's still pretty incredible to remember I get to call this beautiful place home!

25 June 2014


Final lot of photos from a beautiful weekend away in Matakana. 

There's something about the light and fresh air out there that just leaves you feeling so refreshed and rejuvenated. And the number of stars out at night... amazing! 

Definitely worth a visit next time you're in the neighbourhood ;) 

At the beach

Tawharenui Reserve - one of many beautiful beaches sitting just outside Auckland, waiting to be explored! I love being by the sea, it's one of the things I miss the most about home. And how amazing is this mid-winter weather?  

24 June 2014


Roadtrips are my favourite way to travel, and in my humble opinion New Zealand is still one of the best places in the world for an adventure by car. Following winding gravel roads, exploring hidden beaches and rocky peninsulas, and all the while accompanied by stunning views. Here are a few photos from a beautiful place called Matakana, just north of Auckland. Already wishing I was back there... :)

23 June 2014

Kiwi Land

There's no place quite like home... I always love any excuse to pop back to New Zealand for a couple of weeks, recharge and see my favourite people - my family. The landscape may be another reason why.... ;) 

15 June 2014

What winter?

Spending a mid-winter's day barefoot on a beach in New Zealand... not too shabby right? 

I can't believe how warm and beautiful it's been since I've been home! Winter? What winter? All those London coats and layers I brought back to wear have been completely unnecessary... and I'm definitely not complaining! :)

14 June 2014


Greetings from beautiful Matakana, New Zealand where I'm spending the weekend in the glorious winter sunshine. It's so good to be home for a bit! 

More photos to follow as soon as I get a better internet connection.. For now, I'm enjoying feeling remote and disconnected from it all! :) 

9 June 2014

Amsterdam Days

A few quick snaps from (yet another) beautiful weekend in Amsterdam, watching one of my best friends get married... :) So much love for that city! 

8 June 2014


Here are the final photos from my Italian weekend... this time of glorious Florence. I could have easily spent a week here, wandering around all the old churches, museums, galleries, and restaurants - the place is teeming with incredible history, and famous works of art like Michaelangelo's David (took my breath away!). The Duomo is of course, unmissable - and the views out over the city from the top are so stunning. I'm already plotting excuses to return again soon... :)