30 April 2014


Baby blues, and peep toes. All about it!

Zara shirt, jeans / DFuse boots / Bracher Emden bag / Karen Walker sunglasses

King's Day

If you follow me on Instagram (@bbbridg), you'll know I was floating around the canals of Amsterdam last Saturday enjoying the Dutch national holiday - King's Day. So much orange, so much fun! Can all weekends be this amazing please? 

29 April 2014


Amsterdam is absolutely one of my most favourite cities in Europe - so I was stoked to be back there last weekend in time for King's Day. Every time I visit this place I get excitement butterflies, as if in anticipation of a reunion with an old friend. Sparkling canals, beautiful houses, little boutiques and cafes dotted around, bicycles bouncing over little bridges, it's just perfection!

 Instagram photos @bbbridg

28 April 2014

Sky gazer

Saving this lovely sunset as my last post from Tenerife - look at that sky, isn't it just beautiful! I will miss that balcony... :)

Colours of Tenerife

Perhaps it's the abundance of ocean breezes that keeps the air crystal clear - but colours just seem so rich and intense in Tenerife. Completely beautiful! 

Roadtripping II

Second lot of photos from our road trip around Masca. Isn't this place just stunning? Happy Monday! :)

25 April 2014


It's hard not to be impressed with the stunning scenery this small island offers... The volcanic nature of the place lends itself to diverse, pretty vegetation, and by driving short distances you can spot everything from mountains and cliffs to deep valleys and beaches. What a stunner!

Roadtripping Part I

To me, nothing says 'holiday' more than a roadtrip with friends: windows down, a warm breeze blowing through the car, music playing, laughing at silly jokes.. 

We decided to hire a car to explore some of the more hidden corners of Tenerife - and the island did not disappoint! We were surrounded by incredible views of the ocean on one side, with the snow-capped volcano on the other - and blue, blue skies. Heaven! 

23 April 2014


Day 1 in Tenerife involved lazily exploring our neighbourhood - a slow meander down to the beach, soaking up that much needed sun (we're Londoners, after all!), and indulging in some delicious tapas. Very satisfactory! :)

Welcome to Tenerife

A belated Happy Easter to you all! 

I was lucky enough to spend my four-day break on the blissfully warm island of Tenerife, one of Spain's beautiful Canary Islands. I hope you'll indulge me as I spend the next few posts sharing photos from this trip :) These first few are of the streets & views from our lovely little apartment - welcome to paradise!

22 April 2014

The beauty of blossoms

I know it's been done to death... but consider this post a last shout out to the incredible, fleeting beauty of spring blossoms before they fade away, and make room for summer growth. Ah spring, you do make my heart smile :)