28 March 2014

Alternative Art

Last weekend I finally managed to do something that's been sitting at the top of my 'London List' for ages - the Alternative Art Tour

The 2-hour walk takes you around some of the best street art in east London, explaining the various forms of street art, the skills and stories behind incredible artists who have created these free works for the public to enjoy, plus the history of this exciting and ever-changing part of London. 

The guides are artists themselves - and passionate about what this community represents. It completely opened my eyes to incredible amount of talent and dedication on display in this neighbourhood. If you're ever at a loose end one weekend I would definitely recommend checking this out!

'Stork' by Roa

'Elephant/Octopus' by La Panilla

Graffiti 'throw-ups'

'Angel' sculpture by Jonesy

Graffiti by The Rolling People (Cept, BRK, and Snoe)