31 March 2014

Vogue Festival

Another weekend come and gone, so quickly. But no complaining from me - because not only was it a balmy 20C and sunny (hallelujah!), but it was the weekend of the 2014 Vogue Festival. 

An opportunity to see some of the biggest names in fashion in the flesh, to hear their thoughts on developing personal style, or the business of fashion - and of course to stalk chic fashionistas along Southbank ;) 

If you're into this sort of thing, but missed out on the festival you can check out the highlights here

Personal Style panelists: Lucinda Chambers, Amanda Harlech & Alexa Chung

29 March 2014

Day Dreaming

Good morning! The sun is shining, and it's supposed to reach a balmy 20C, happy days! I'm off to sky gaze... :)

28 March 2014

Alternative Art

Last weekend I finally managed to do something that's been sitting at the top of my 'London List' for ages - the Alternative Art Tour

The 2-hour walk takes you around some of the best street art in east London, explaining the various forms of street art, the skills and stories behind incredible artists who have created these free works for the public to enjoy, plus the history of this exciting and ever-changing part of London. 

The guides are artists themselves - and passionate about what this community represents. It completely opened my eyes to incredible amount of talent and dedication on display in this neighbourhood. If you're ever at a loose end one weekend I would definitely recommend checking this out!

'Stork' by Roa

'Elephant/Octopus' by La Panilla

Graffiti 'throw-ups'

'Angel' sculpture by Jonesy

Graffiti by The Rolling People (Cept, BRK, and Snoe)

26 March 2014


Maybe it's because the label is relatively new to me, but I just can't get enough of & Other Stories... Exhibit A: this chunky, cosy as heck sweater. Exhibit B: these booties I'm obsessed with, as previously blogged about. Overkill? NEVER :)

Dusky canals

A snap from a stroll along Regent's Canal the other day, watching the sun slowly set, painting the sky with soft colour... so lovely!

25 March 2014

New In: Kitten Heels

I've never really been much for kitten heels myself, but these booties were just too darn cute to resist ;) Welcome to the family, my loves! 

24 March 2014


I'm a little slow on posting these - but I wanted to share some photos from my recent visit to Richmond, in North Yorkshire. Such a lovely place! I'm a bit guilty of always wanting to spend weekends or holidays visiting exotic places in Europe, neglecting the UK itself. But Richmond, with its cobbled streets, stone houses, rolling hills, and crumbling castle walls, reminded me of how much there is to see in the UK - and how charming it too, can be :)

23 March 2014

Happy days

Feeling so lucky to have spent another lovely London weekend soaking up the sunshine... Happy days :) 

Brick Lane

Ah Brick Lane. Bustling, hectic, vibrant. A place where over the centuries waves of different communities have settled, developed, and shaped the area. Browsing the markets, cafes, and street art of Banglatown has long been a part of my weekend routine, and it never gets old! 

21 March 2014


Introducing: 'Lourdes'. The latest in my growing Rue Gembon earring collection. Bold and dramatic, yet light and easy to wear all night long... perfect.
Oh and they're on sale! Happy Friday indeed :)

20 March 2014

Bloomin' lovely

It's that time of year. When everything starts slowly bursting into life, and colour spreads slowly across the city like a familiar, long-awaited embrace. Spring may just about beat out summer as my favourite season... 

Castle Walk

As much as I love the bustle of London, a break from the city now and again is so incredibly refreshing! These photos are of a sunny morning spent wandering around Castle Walk in Richmond, Yorkshire - the castle in question having been built by the Normans almost 1,000 years ago. What a charming place! More to come soon... 

19 March 2014

Gloomy but great

Even on a gloomy day, London never fails to impress!

18 March 2014


As someone from a relatively young country, one of the fascinating things about living in a place with as much history as London is the random buildings and structures still dotted around that connect you to another time and place. 

One minute you're wandering down the street pondering the best tube line to take, and the next you're greeted by a building which reminds you of all the incredible people and events that have come before you. Like this place - the Amoury House - home to the Honourable Artillery Company, the oldest regiment in the British Army with links back to Henry VIII. Pretty epic! 

17 March 2014


Greenwich is one of my favourite spots in London. When you're there, you feel totally removed from the stresses of a big city, from the noise and hustle of the busy London streets. It's such a relaxing and lovely place to spend a day!

Wandering around, there's so much to explore - from the Old Royal Naval College and Maritime Museum, to the village and it's lovely market, lunching at the Old Brewery and checking out the Cutty Sark, or heading up the hill to the Royal Observatory and seeing Greenwich Mean Time itself. 

So if you're thinking about how to spend your next sunny day in London, take the clipper ferry down the Thames to Greenwich - it'll be worth the visit!