28 February 2014

Versailles Part II

I hope you will indulge me - I couldn't resist sharing more photos from this beautiful place. 

The whole place just radiates grandeur, opulence, and elegance. To be a King of France must have been very fabulous indeed!

Je ne sais quoi

I'm kind-of obsessed with old French posters, like this one from our Parisian apartment. They reflect that certain French 'je ne sais quoi', a mix of classic, almost careless beauty, and a nostalgia for simpler days gone by. 

I must find a way to get my hands on some next time I'm back... 

27 February 2014


Strolling slowly through the streets of Paris is pure bliss to me. Le Marais is one of my favourite areas, full of cute cafes, shops, and narrow, cobbled streets. 

As for the outfit - these slouchy leather trousers are a new obsession! I love the relaxed fit, perfect for a day out and about. Worn with this neon bright Cos sweater - part of an effort I'm making to bring more colour back into my wardrobe. Can you say #bringonsummer?

Cos cashmere beanie (similar here) & sweater (similar here), Zara leopard coat & leather trousers (cool version here), Converse sneakers, Michael Kors messenger bag & watch.


I'm sounding like a broken record, but it's true... Everywhere you look, Paris is just picture perfect. 

26 February 2014

La Tour

The Tour itself! 

Although I've visited a handful of times already, my heart always skips a beat when I round the corner and see the Eiffel Tour suddenly in front of me, in all it's glory.  While the Parisians may not be particularly enamored with it, to me it is the epic symbol of Paris - a city synonymous with love, and romance. 

What's not to like about that? 

Shabby chic

Is it just me, or does it seems like only the French can make neglected and weathered buildings looks so incredibly beautiful? 

The peeling paint and broken shutters somehow add a romantic air to the facade of this building, which totally captured my imagination. I could just imagine someone leaning against the window frame, gazing out at the city, cigarette in hand, with Edith Piaf crooning from a record player in the background... 

25 February 2014

Steady march

Hup, two-three-four! 
Back in the rythym of London life. 


Two days ago I visited the stunning Chateau de Versailles, on the outskirts of Paris - what a place! 

Home of the Kings of France from 1682-1790 (and Marie-Antoinette!), it's steeped in history and incredibly beautiful to boot. 

Ah, Paris. Everytime I go, I leave wanting more... 

24 February 2014


Messy hair, layers, and a bold statement necklace on this sunny, Monday morning!  

Zara boyfriend blazer, Mango denim shirt, Rue Gembon 'Maya' necklace (on sale!)

21 February 2014

Oui oui, Paris

Guess where I am for the weekend? Bonjour, Paris! :D 


The sun is shining, and it's Friday... Happy days! 

20 February 2014


Throwback to last spring... sunshine and warmer weather is on my mind. Hopefully this year's spring is just around the corner! 


Richmond looking dramatic, all shrouded in mist. Always a picturesque moment in London!

19 February 2014


Took these gorgeous blue Rue Gembon statement earrings out for a spin. Bright, brilliant blue, and enough to make this casual lady feel pretty glam. That's all I ask for on a hump day! ;)  

Zara leather jacket, jeans / Uniqlo shirt / Michael Kors messenger bag
Celine sunglasses / Rue Gembon 'Tatiana' earrings

Street Details

East London street art. 

18 February 2014

Raining, Pouring

Dashing between rain showers, and dodging scaffolding. That was my day. How was yours?

Cashmere Crush sweater, H&M jeans, The Mozaik tote. 

Pretty Piccadilly

Piccadilly in all her glory. Those curves get me every time... 
London may be grim and grey at times, but she knows she's a beauty underneath it all! 

17 February 2014

Rue Gembon

Introducing: Rue Gembon. If you're feeling bold, want to dress up slick basics, or just turn on the glamour, these guys have the best pieces to do the trick.

Founded by a fabulously stylish and talented Beijing-expat friend of mine, Rue Gembon is all about making a statement - without breaking the bank. 

These pieces just arrived at my door, and I can't wait to take them for a test drive! Stay tuned for more soon... In the meantime, check them out here and let me know what you think!

16 February 2014


Sunday afternoon in my neighbourhood. Gotta love East London!

15 February 2014


Once again the madness has descended on us. 
With NYFW already behind us, it's Somerset House's turn to be packed out with throngs of the fashionable, bathing in the lightbulbs of street style photographers. I love it!


Happy Valentines to all the lovers! 

14 February 2014


London looking gloriously gloomy. Isn't it wonderful how even on a grey day, the city gleams.


I love the Southbank skatepark. It adds character - and a different perspective to an otherwise pleasant-but-predictable riverbank. Often accompanied by bouncy summer music, it's colourful, entertaining, and provides a place for the young to express themselves. I hope they decide to keep it. 

Flashback: LFW

Throwback to this time last year. When the frenzied fashion troops were swarming around Somerset House, bathed in delicious sunshine. Unfortunately, it's blustery winds and flashes of icy rain this time around... but I won't let that keep me away! 

Summer dreaming

So this is me. A Kiwi girl, living the dream in London. Chronicling bits and pieces of life along the way.

While it's been a while (months) since it was this hot and sunny, I thought why not start off with a positive image, right? And a reminder that summer is only just (4 months) around the corner... ;)